Vision – To be a community of confident, creative learners thriving together in a rich, inclusive environment that raises the aspirations of each unique child.

Values - Honesty,Creativity,Inclusion,Confidence,Respect.

We believe that at the heart of our school is the individual child, and that the emotional and educational needs of that child are of paramount importance.

We seek to provide a balanced, broadly based curriculum which promotes the intellectual, personal, social and physical development of each child.  We value the creative aspects of the curriculum and were re-awarded Arts Mark Gold in 2013.

Our curriculum is flexible and constantly under review to ensure that the children's needs, together with the requirements of the New National Curriculum, are being met.  Our teaching starts with the individual child's experience and then extends out into their own environment and then into the world.  We value first-hand practical experience highly and recognise that children should be actively involved in their own learning.  Children work in groups, which may be organised in many different ways to suit classroom organisation. 

CCL (Confident Creative Learning) sessions have been introduced. These allow the provision of a variety of different activities to meet key skills in each session. Discrete subject teaching is used when appropriate.  The work within each class is usually taught through units of work, which last half a term.

We address the individual needs of children, always remembering that each stage of childhood is unique and special, and must be accompanied by rich experiences.

We are always happy to receive enquiries about places in school and to show prospective parents around our school.

Nikki Barker