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Kids Zone

A new digital code “Zip it, Block it, Flag it” for internet safety has
been launched. This will be adopted by retailers, social networking
sites, schools and charities who will display it where appropriate.
Access to a one-stop shop website for internet safety advice hosted
by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP)
The "Zip it, Block it, and Flag it" campaign is backed by £2m of
government investment, and will encourage children to:
Zip: not share personal, intimate details with strangers they have
met online, while at the same time closing off some parts of the web
to children by using security PINs or other parental controls.
Block: Block emails or any other contact from people or companies
they do not know and block children from accessing certain sites.
Flag: Highlight any suspicious individuals, activities or websites to
the relevant authority, including site admins, teachers or even

These websites are all safe for your children to use.




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