Governor Responsibilities

Name Appointment End of term Committee Responsibilities
Ms Les Bohanna Co-opted October '18 S&C  
Mrs Michelle Cowgill Associate  December 20 ChF&C Child Protection/ Safeguarding
Ms Louise Dowling Parent October 19 R&F  
Mrs Janet Durkin Associate  May 21 ChF&C  
Mr Andrew France Parent August 19 R&F H&S
Mrs Julie Holden Associate  October 19 R&F Training
Mrs Fiona Johnson Co-opted  October '19 ChF&C  
Mr Carl Jones Co-opted August 19 S&C LAC
Mr Andrew Kenyon Co-opted August 19 ChF&C  
Mr Tom Klein Co-opted  October '19 S&C Equality
Mrs Gail Newton Executive Headteacher   ChF&C, R&F, S&C  
Miss Natalie Shackleton Staff August '19 S&C  
 Mr John Stephenson Co-opted May 20 S&C SEN
Mrs Jane Sykes Co-opted Otober 20 ChF&C, R&F, S&C  
Mrs Jo Weavill Associate Mar 21 S&C  

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